founded by Breindy Judowitz AFCT, MCC designs educational resources for schools and non-profit organizations using the coaching methodology.

workshop activity books address today’s relevant topics such as self-esteem, communication, anger and money management etc. These and other activity books can be purchased in both customized and non-customized form.

  offers workshops, tele-classes and one-on-one coaching for parents and teens using the coaching philosophy.  
  Can using workshops, workbooks and other resources impact positively on my student’s lives?  
  Can coaching work for me, a parent who is confused as to what is going on in my teenager’s world? Yes it can!
  Can coaching work for me, a teenager struggling in my relationship with my parents or friends? Yes it can!!  
  YOU, the educator, can make real life long changes in your student’s life.
YOU the teen can build meaningful, healthy relationships.
YOU the teenager can become the person you have always wanted to be.
YOU the parent can renew your relationship with your teenager.

I believe in the power of coaching, and I believe in YOU!
If you believe in YOU then you’ve come to the right place!